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As our campaign team has been communicating and talking to District 48 residents, many voters have asked how they can vote for Samuel Vilchez Santiago in the upcoming election.
Samuel Vilchez Santiago and Family Vote
Who can vote in the August 18th Primary?
To vote in the District 48 Democratic Primary, one must be a resident of Florida House District 48 and registered to vote as a Democrat.
What neighborhoods are covered by District 48? 
Florida House District 48 covers most of Southeast Orange County, including Azalea Park, South Goldenrod, Ventura, Lee Vista, Meadow Woods, Southchase, Wetherbee, Taft, Sky Lake, Hunters Creek, and parts of Oakridge.
Check out our District 48 map PDF! 
When is the election? 
The primary election is on Tuesday, August 18th, 2020.
The general election is on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.
Do we have to be registered with a party to vote? 
Yes; to vote in the August 18th Democratic primary, one must be registered as a Democratic voter.
What are the different ways to vote?
Registered voters can vote through three different ways. First, they can vote on election day at your polling place from 7am to 7pm. Second, they can vote by mail from the comfort of their home. Third, they can vote early at specified locations (public libraries) during the two weeks before the election.
How do we request to get our ballots by mail?
You can request to get your ballot mailed to your house by filling out this quick online form.
Voting and Accessibility 
If you need help to vote due to blindness, disability, or inability to read or write, you have options. For more information about polling place accessibility or with assistance with voting,
click here
How can I register to vote?
If you live in the state of Florida, you can now update your voter registration or register to vote online! You can also register at your local public library and DMV office. 
When is the deadline to register to vote?
To vote in the primary election, voters must
register by July 20th, 2020. 
Have more questions about voting?
Don't hesitate to contact us by emailing samuel@​
or calling 407-459-2324